Welcome to The Brainy Bar!  Created by Eridu Society in 2016, The Brainy Bar serves as a watering hole for big thinkers!  After years of building a variety of art pieces (big and small), Eridu Society focused its efforts on a more interactive and intimate experience and had an amazing time!  We brought back our popular rubber stamp bar, and also built a beautiful shaded Brainy Bar lounge space with a brand new bar.  We're doing all that again, improving on the bar service from what we learned last year, and adding a few new things.


Each day, the bar will feature a Daily Special alcoholic drink, non-alcoholic drink, and topic of conversation.  Like the Burning Man art theme, the topic of conversation is completely optional, we merely offer it as a place to get started.  Our Daily Special concept got its start in 2012 at the Fertile Minds Idea Deli, where a daily specials board started out as a running joke among campmates, but quickly became a hit with visitors.


Additionally, our camp obtains a food permit and offers a range of food gifting throughout the week. We don't have a published schedule for food gifting, since we prefer offer up unexpected gifts to guests and passers-by.  Last year we made fresh-baked cinnamon rolls each morning... that was a big hit, and we plan on doing that again.  Additionally, we plan on bringing back our Fancy Shmancy S'Mores on a few evenings throughout the week, and there has been talk of other snacks and treats.


Camp leader Trilo Byte is also planning on hosting a couple workshops to talk about his virtual Black Rock Desert project.  He's been using and creating content in virtual worlds since 2008, and is excited to talk about some emerging technology that will let burners connect and share experiences together after we leave the playa.


We have applied for placement, and as soon as we receive word on our location for 2018 we will post details here.


We're sorry, but Eridu Society and the Brainy Bar is not currently accepting new members.  We love you and invite you to come visit us in the desert, but we are a small group and our camp is currently full.


The image to the left shows an illustration of the camp 100' x 100' footprint and layout  (with the 'frontage' at the bottom of the picture), complete with space for all structures and vehicles. Below, you can see an early morning view of our camp in 2016.

Brainy Bar